You might remember The Girl in the Yellow Cab from back in the day, circa 2010 when I launched to about 2013. I was pursuing my love for writing and fashion in addition to my M-F corporate job. I quickly came to realize I only had the weekends to get those great OOTD photos. Wisconsin, however, doesn’t have the most forgiving weather. We have about about three months (June-August) of bliss. Warm, balmy, Wisconsin bliss.  While Fall is gorg here, it can be cold and gets dark early. In crisis mode, I started to substitute my fashion blogging for food blogging. At the end of the day, I just wasn’t it to it. (Insert, it’s me..not you situation).

In 2013 I completely stopped posting. It was a hard decision, but I wasn’t proud of my content and I needed to be. I’m an all or nothing type person, so if I couldn’t formulate my blog into the little dream bubble I wanted it to be, then I needed to take a break. I needed to figure out how I could maintain my love for writing while publishing great content. I needed to figure out my platform. Why would readers start reading my blog in addition to all of the other great bloggers? What was so different about mine?

And then, it hit me. My M-F is my platform. All of the “how in the hell do I handle this?” questions and experiences I’ve had and will have while working in the apparel corporate world are bound to be similar to others who are working professionals. If this blog can be my outlet to share the most ridiculous things that have happened in my career and even quite possibly help someone else who is trying to climb the ladder, then that is exactly my purpose and my platform.

I will be writing about those tough conversations you need to have with your boss, how to overcome a f*ck up, rules of negotiation, working with difficult people, and so much more! I might even get wild and crazy and throw in some fashion posts for old times sake.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I love writing it. You can check back for posts every Wednesday and Friday.