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07 May

Strawberry Frosting

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So the story goes: There was this cake. The cake that I tasted five years ago and fell in love with. When it comes to cake + frosting, I’m not much of a fan. I’m a regular case of  the scrape-off-the-goop-of-frosting-and-eat-only-the-cake kind of girl.  But my taste buds changed forever when I bit into this strawberry frosting goodness.  I could literally eat this frosting by the spoonful. Now that strawberries are coming in season, I had to try the recipe myself for the first time (with my new favorite cake stand!) Enjoy.







02 May

Monday Mayhem

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I’m not sure it would be considered Mayhem if Monday Mayhem was actually posted on schedule.

Life these past few weeks has been incredibly busy. And by life, I mean work. I’m in Product Development for a major retailer and this week is our Spring ’14 Line Review. Which is basically code word for late nights, no personal life, and lots of lattes.

I truly envy those fashion bloggers that always appear to have it together no matter what life throws at them. Exhibit A.

No fear, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Next weekend is VEGAS! If you remember from many Monday Mayhem’s ago, my best friend’s bridal party and I are heading to Sin City for her last fling before the ring.

But, that means I must be on my A-game for my Mother’s Day Present. Etsy is my best friend.

Especially after seeing this.

I just purchased my new swimsuit last night. Talk about last minute! (Preview to come next week).

Follow me on Instagram and catch up from last weekend!

I love this duvet.

The boyfriend and I rented this move last night. Really good!

On this weekend’s movie list: this one.

New York Times best-sellers book list.

These little guys are completely necessary for Summer.

Awesome Spring Jacket post.

That’s all for tonight!




26 Apr

Concert Attire

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An indication that Summer is right around the corner: when your life is blasted with concert announcements and ticket sales. While you can see a concert any time of year, summer is definitely the sweet spot. Scrolling through my inbox there are plenty of highlighted items awaiting their summer concert date. My mood, most commonly associated with the way I dress, can also be determined by the type of music I listen to. From country, pop, R&B, rock-you name it, I listen to it. The best thing about being into more than one genre is that not one concert is alike. The vibe, the people, and the way they dress are all unique. Here are a few wardrobe essentails I plan to incorporate into my summer concert attire. After seeing all of the blog hype around Coachella this year, it is top on my priority list to attend next April.

Country Concert
1.Sheer  Blouse
2. Cowboy Boots
3. Flower Bauble
4. Denim Short

Rock Concert
1. Skull Earrings
2. Eagle Top
3. Red Skinnys
4. Studded Clutch

1. High Low Skirt
2. Bustier Top
3. Bangles



22 Apr

Monday Mayhem

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Happy Monday All-time to jump right in!

I’m glad to report in that I accomplished all but one of my Weekend Itinerary from last Friday. The reading part gets me every time.

This weekend the boyfriend and I checked off a new restaurant from our list. Voted Madison’s best multiple years in a row. Their fish fry is bomb!

We spent Saturday night catching up on a few movies we wanted to watch. One being The Paperboy with Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. A few parts were hard to watch (or just weird) but Zac and Nicole were amazing in this. I have a new found love for Zac Efron and his shirtless performances :)

As if we didn’t do enough eating this weekend, I had to show the boyfriend my beloved fro-yo spot (frozen yogurt). No worries, I ddn’t know what it meant until I moved to Mad-town.

I’ve tried a few MAC mascara’s-but I still love the first one the best. They have an Extra Black version that I went for this time around.

I’ve been doing some shopping for my Las Vegas trip coming up in three weeks (finalllly). My theme is something along the lines of Boho/hippie goes Rock with maxi dresses, bangles, head pieces, hi-low tops and chambray.

Sunday I went to brunch with a couple of my girlfriends at a place I’ve heard rave reviews about. It was a cash-only restaurant and right then I knew it must be amazing (because all are!). I seriously am still thinking about those pancakes. Must-go-back.

A bit of my weekend from Instagram:

brandy{Brandy Old Fashions + Fish Fry}

orangeleaf{The can’t-live-without fro-yo}

painting{Part of my painting project on Saturday with New Glarus in hand}

brunching{Sunay Brunch OOTD}

Have a great week!



19 Apr

Weekend Itinerary

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My weekly routines are about hustle and bustle, late nights, and lattes. Lots of lattes. When Friday hits, it’s like payday. I know that relaxation is just around the corner (usually) and this weekend happens to be one of them. At random points during the week, I formulate something I’d like to do over the weekend, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or making a new recipe.  When the weekend comes, as life has it, I put a little too much of my time glued to my computer browsing ideas I’d love to do instead of doing them. I tend to feel more accountable to accomplish things when I write them down, which is why I have decided to make it a weekly goal to jot down just a handful of ideas that I’d like to spend my time doing over the weekend. Here are a few:

*Read. It was part of my New Years Resolution to read one book a month. Lets just say it’s been a challenge, but it’s something that I really miss doing.
*Thrift Shop. There are a few thrift shops in Madison that I would like to check out. Some fellow bloggers have really come across some great finds at these places!
*Paint. I have two new canvases and paint supplies all ready for my DIY Project. Just need to make the time to actually start it.
*Create a weekly dinner menu. It makes grocery shopping so much easier when I have meals planned for that week.

Have a great weekend!




09 Apr

Monday Mayhem

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Happy Monday All!

This weekend the boyfriend and I tried a new restaurant in Madison. (Plus side: It’s literally a hop, skip and a jump from our place).

I have been on the prowl for a white cake stand. Again, the man hours put into searching for the perfect one is something I’m embarrassed to even talk about. However, I found it this weekend!

I’d like just about one of everything from that store. It’s a good thing the boyfriend was with to push me along because I could have stayed all day.

The best friend’s bridal shower is this weekend and Saturday I spent the afternoon crafting in preparation. I’ll have pictures to post next week!

Who watched the ACM Awards last night?

Honestly, I would have to say it was one of the best award shows I’ve seen in a long time. Country music is what I grew up on and being able to see George Strait and Garth Brooks perform together was awesome.

I shed a few tears when I saw Luke Bryan win Entertainer of the Year. His honest and heartfelt (or tearful) reaction was adorable.

Here is a glimpse of my weekend from Instagram:

{Saturday Afternoon Crafting}

{In honor of my newly purchased cake stand, I had to bake one on Sunday}

{The weather was finally in the 60’s over the weekend so the boyfriend and I took full advantage}

I’m in need of a new pair of sunglasses and can’t decide between option 1 ,2, or 3. I’m kind of leaning towards the aviators.

We are finally investing in a juicer. After all of the Starbucks smoothies we bought this weekend, I think the boyfriend and I finally realized it’s a necessity.

That’s all for now-Have a great week!



02 Apr

Cadbury Cupcakes

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This past weekend I spent Easter with my family. It felt a little more like Thanksgiving with brunch and two dinners between the boyfriend’s family and mine. I’m a huge, huge fan when it comes to Cadbury eggs. (See last year’s Easter post). This year, I decided to make Cadbury Cupcakes with homemade frosting. They were amazing if I do say so myself. I’m pretty sure the boyfriend had two cupcakes in his mouth at one time.  I speckled the eggs with a brand new toothbrush (in case you were wondering) + extra cake batter. Next time I would melt milk chocolate in order to achieve a more natural ‘speckled’ look. However, the one drop of blue food coloring to get a light minty color was the perfect topping. Enjoy!



27 Mar

Monday Mayhem

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Happy Monday! I mean…Wednesday.

Yup, one of those weeks again.

Week #4 is officially under my belt. No shopping mission complete! These four weeks have taught me to be a rational shopper over impulsive. And that means putting items in my closet that will really make a difference. If I don’t buy this today, will I think about it three days from now?

With that, it’s time to prep for Vegas in May! Oh the options…

Must have: basic maxi dress for walking the strip

And this is beyond amazing. Minus the price tag.

Must have: neutral sandals for the pool

And I’m beyond obsessed with these.

Must have: a pair of basic sunglasses.

In the Milwaukee area for Easter and looking for a place to brunch?

A glimpse of my weekend from Instagram:

{Mini Cadbury eggs + Essie Mint Candy Apple}

{Finished product + My Grandma’s vintage ring from 1958}

{Best Friend’s bridal shower cake}

My favorite healthy snacks of the week:
 Pita chips + veggie dip
Yogurt + fresh fruit + granola

Dinner: I’m a little obsessed with rice + sauteed veggies wrapped in a wheat tortilla.

That’s all for today!



20 Mar

Fashion & Ramen Noodles

I’m excited to begin a new series on the blog: Fashion So You Don’t Have to Ration. Lets be honest, we’ve all been willing to fork out a chunk of change (that should responsibily go to our adult life of bills) on a pair of shoes or handbag we just “have to have.” While I am a firm believer in investing money into classic pieces, there are just some things I’m not willing to eat Ramen Noodles two weeks straight for. Above are a few trend pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe without having to eat noodles out of a bag. Enjoy!

1. Bloomingdale’s vs. Bakers
2. All Saints vs. Topshop
3. Vivien Frank vs. Lori’s Shoes
4. DKNY vs. Mango



19 Mar

Monday Mayhem

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Can you believe it!!! I have made it three full weeks without shopping. THREE. It’s hard, but really not as hard as I anticipated. Onto week #4!

This weekend the boyfriend and I tried out a new restaurant. Top 5 of Madison for sure. The best part: desserts in shot glasses!

On Sunday, one of my best friends and I went to the New Glarus Brewery. We even made our own 6-pack! So cool. They’re adding 15,000 square feet to the facility in August and I’d love to go back.

My favorite New Glarus beer.

A glimpse of my weekend from Instagram:

{Stone Fire Pizza + Wine. The boyfriend had a Sirloin + Brandy Old Fashioned. Delish}

{Fri Night’s OOTD: Polka dot sweater + knit cardigan + OPI Pink Friday Nail Polish}

{Saturday night tacos + margaritas}

{The bestie and me at the New Glarus Brewery}

Just because I’m on a shopping timeout, doesn’t mean I don’t look…

I love this watch!

I really love this Spring line from Mother.

See you all on Wednesday!